18 1 / 2012

Dear Diary,

Just like when the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew teamed up to crack a really tough case, we have worked together to solve the mystery of K-Town’s Pizza Park/Subway connection (in this case, A.J. is Nancy Drew and Beth and Dan are the Hardy Boys).

And, by “mystery,” we mean, like, not really mysterious at all.

Our first clue came when A.J. discovered that the straws at Pizza Park conspicuously had Subway logos on them:

Then Beth deduced that the “art” at Pizza Park bore a striking resemblance to the generic posters of meat and cheese seen on the walls of Subway restaurants everywhere:

Finally, Dan remembered that our friend Taylor was pretty sure Pizza Park and Subway were owned by the same people…

"Could it be true!?" Beth asked:

All of this proved totally unnecessary because as soon as we walked into Subway, one of the “super nice pizza guys” from our previous Pizza Park post materialized through some secret backdoor passageway and revealed himself to be our sandwich artist!

Diary, this is a pretty huge lead up because… there is really very little to say about Subway. If you’ve had one Subway sandwich, you’ve had them all. And the only thing that seemed to have changed since back-when-we-all-ate-too-many-subs-in-high-school, was more sauces:

The Sub Sauce is still really delish!

Beth and Dan opted for the safe bet: 6 inch Veggie Delite.

A.J. took a walk on the wild side and tried Subway’s new egg salad sandwich:

(Lessons learned: if you add pickles and olives to an egg salad sandwich, they kind of take over).

So what can we say about Subway?

The cookies are still good!

Perfect ratio of too much butter, not enough cooking. 

In the end, we all decided that while we are super happy to come across a Subway on the highway (it’s like winning the lottery of roadside dining), we are less into it when surrounded by pretty much any other option (our subs each came to $7.22 with a drink and two cookies).

We heavily debated the snowflaking here: food wise, we’d rather eat a sandwich than a slice of Pizza Park pizza, but we prefer the mildly chaotic Pizza Park atmosphere to the jarringly sterile decor of Subway. Like the more discerning lunch-hour teens, we’d way rather hang out at Pizza Park (“way rather” = half a snowflake advantage): 2 snowflakes for Subway!