23 3 / 2012

Dear Diary,

With a little time to kill, we (Beth and Dan, no AJ today!) decided to sneak into Korea Bakery for a very quick snack one fine afternoon. Nestled between Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (last post) and Tofu Village (next post), Korea Bakery mixes up the straight shot of Korean restaurants with a little bit of the doughy stuff.

While not technically a restaurant, we were in K-Town one afternoon and with nothing better to do, we decided to make a quick dash into Korea Bakery to see a) whether there was any fuss, and b) if there was, to see what it was all about.

Dan had been in a while back and remembered eating some pretty decent noodle and veggie-filled steamed buns, but when we inquired at the counter, the delicious buns had been discontinued! Suffice to say, we were pretty crushed and resigned ourselves to finding a sweet treat to fill us up for tea time.

Everything had a vaguely processed look to it. Beth opted for cream-filled…um…pastry puffs (?) and Dan ordered a red bean-filled pancake that looked almost identical to the pupusas at Tacos El Asador (which we’ll be getting to much later on!!!). It was an unseasonably warm day and feeling adventurous, he also grabbed a Korean drink made of rice.

The pastries.

Dan’s pupusa-looking pastry and the Korean rice drink.

The verdict?

Beth wasn’t sure what to make of her pastry puffs. They were pretty dry and a little saccharine.

Dan’s red bean pancake was better. It was also dry, but the paste inside infused the pastry with a little moisture and it was reliably, sweetly beany. However, the rice drink was a horrible mistake. Definitely one of those acquired tastes, it consisted of rice swimming around in slightly sweetened water. Picture cooking rice with too much water and adding some sugar, and you’re basically there.

We didn’t have to talk it through very long to settle on a score. In the absence of the legitimately delicious steamed buns (go back after April!) and with only so-so pastries, Korea Bakery gets 2.5 snowflakes!