11 6 / 2012

Dear Diary,

Okay. We know. You didn’t think we were coming back, did you? You thought we had left forever. Had given up on Korean food and just hadn’t told anyone.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even though our lives got hella complicated over the past few weeks, we’re still crazy committed to this ever expanding world of kimchi and kimchi-related foods. Sometimes we have commitment issues and we just need a moment to sort it out. The important thing is we’re back now, right?

And a good thing too, because next on our list is the beacon of good times to come, the Sunrise House:

While A.J. was still away working on his super secret project, we were joined by some pals:

Nomi (noted kimchi expert)

Brandon (head chef at the Black Hoof)

Mika (owner of the delightful Good Egg in Kensington Market).

Nomi taught English in Korea for a year and it turns out that Sunrise House is his favourite Korean joint in Toronto! Apparently it’s eerily similar to restaurants in and around Seoul, all the way down to the specific kinds of cups they use.


Special Korean cups?

We basically let Nomi take the lead in ordering everything, and he indulged us pretty handily. With a crew of five peeps, we managed to order a ton of stuff!

First off the banchan was pretty decent. Beth was still partial to the kimchi at Tofu Village, but the cold noodles and the potatoes were a huge hit. The spicy cucumbers were a new one – and great! Here is some banchan chilling with the kimchi pancake (we’ll talk about that later).

We then basically went on an insane eating binge and tore through the banchan, kimchi pancake, and the following:

Kimchi Stew…

Squid Bulgogi…

Jae Yook Bok Um (a crazy pork thing)…

And Dduk Buk Gi (chewy rice cakes in spicy sauce).

It was relatively epic. Arms and metal chopsticks were flying around all over the place! And unlike the misordering that occurred previously, having Nomi on the scene made sure that everything was pre-vetted and perfect!

There were a few quibbles though – the squid bulgogi was undercooked, meaning you really had to mash down on that squid. It was also agreed by all that we could have done without the soon kimchi stew. Not that it was bad. It just missed…something. Which made it kind of boring.

That being said, the kimchi pancake was ridiculously off the chain. Crazy good! It was the icing on the cake of a pretty amazing meal. Even though there were five of us, we probably ate enough for eight people.


Did we say the icing on the cake was the kimchi pancake? Well, in that case the chocolate sprinkles on top of the icing was the price: $42 to feed five people.

All in all, we understand why noted kimchi connoisseur Nomi M. is so fond of this place! And even though we had some quibbles, we need to give this place mad props: 4 snowflakes!